Welded butterfly valve belt actuator


Butterfly Valves


Butterfly valves, no matter manually or automatically, can be used in most fluid product applications in the food一processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Operating principles

·The butterfly valves can be operated automatically through actuator or manually with the handle.

·The handle blocks the valve in the ‘open’ or ‘closed’ position,certainly there are the other position available.

·The actuator push piston of axial movement into 90 degree so that it controls butterfly valve.

Technical specifications

·Maxpressure:10 bar (DN-25/100)

8 bar (DN-125/150)

.Min.pressure:0.2 bar p.abs

·Operating temperature:-10℃ to +120℃ (EPDM)


·Compact and robust design

·Available in sizes D N25/10 toD N150/60

·The size of multi-position handle up to DN100/4′

·The size of pull handle up to DN125/150/60

·Manual handle, pneumatic actuator and electric actuator can be exchangeable with each other

·Low pressure losses

·The valve body can be changeable with any kind of connection


·Butterfly plate: AISI316L/304(forged)

·Valve body. AISI316L/304(forged)

·Washer and gasket: EPDM which conforms to FDA 177.2600

·Handle: AISI304/PP

·Surface finishing: Ra=0.8


·The material of gasket contains NBR, VMQ or FPM, which all confirm to standard of FDA 177.2600

·Connection: weld, clamp, thread, single weld singlethread, flange

·Handle: two-position handle, three-position handle, four-position pull rod handle, multi一position plastic handle and multi一position stainless steel handle, DIN,SMS,RJT,ISO, IDF,3A

·Actuator: pneumatic stainless steel actuator, pneumatic aluminum actuator, electric actuator

·Control: position sensor.


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