Single Hand Diaphragm Sampling Valve



Sample Valve


It s mainly applied to extract sample from tank or pipeline. It also can be assembled at the bottom of the tank or pipeline to drain away the remains.

Working principle

Sample valve:

When Turn the hand wheel clockwise, the valve shaft and seal rise up. At this time, valve is open for sampling. When turn the hand wheel anti-clockwise, the valve shaft and seal go down, at that time, the valve is closed.

Yogurt sampling valve:

The valve seat opens inside so that it can avoid opening by accident due to much pressure in the pipes.

The valve is normally closed (through close of spring).the valve is open as soon as pushing the handle with hand and closed when loosing up.

The design of completely drainage water is to avoid remains inside the valves.

Technical specification

·Connections: thread, clamp, weld

·Max. pressure: 10bar 145psi

·Min. pressure: vacuum


·Body material: AISI304 AISI316 L

·Seal material: PTFE


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